proud to be x-georgian

proud to be ex-georgian (serious!!!)
hehehe..smlm front page bharian, sggs was categorized as top 20 high performance school.
haa..bangga siot
front page g..teringat kawan2 sekolah
cikgu sekolah, padang, hostel, warden, red skirt
semualaaa...termasuk lagu sekolah

Seniors and juniors all gathered here,
Together we march on without a fear,
Goodwill and happiness we want to spread,
Everyday's a challenge let's go right ahead,
Onwards we move towards the light,
Resolved are we to face the fight,
Giving our best from day to day,
If there's a will, there's always a way,
Around the bends of life we'll have to turn,
Near and far fond thoughts will always burn,
St George's, St George's we'll ever proclaim,
Honour and uphold you forever praise your name,
St George's, St George's we'll always be true,
Our dear St George's Girls' School.


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