BiLa BoLeh MaKan?????

hm...bila baby boleh makan ye?
some people said 4 months
but most articles said
that babies are ready to eat
once they reach 6 months old..

ni ambik dari forum SI..
info-info macam ni bagus untuk saya
yelaa..baru 1st baby, so byk nk belajar

How will I know when my baby's ready?

Some babies are eager and ready to eat solids at age 4 months, while others need to wait until they're closer to 6 months old. (By 6 months they need to start cereal because of an increased need for iron.) Your baby will give you clear signs when he's ready to move beyond liquid nourishment. Cues to look for include:
• Head control. To eat solids, your baby needs to be able to keep his head in a steady, upright position.

• Losing the "extrusion reflex." To keep solids in his mouth and then swallow them, your baby needs to stop using his tongue to push food out of his mouth.

• Sitting well when supported. Even if he's not quite ready for a highchair, your baby will need to be able to sit upright to swallow well.

• Chewing motions. Your baby's mouth and tongue develop in sync with his digestive system. To start solids, he should be able to move food to the back of his mouth and swallow. As he learns to swallow efficiently, you may notice less drooling. He may also be teething around the same time.

• Significant weight gain. Most babies are ready to eat solids when they've doubled their birth weight (or weigh about 15 pounds) and are at least 4 months old.

• Growing appetite. He seems hungry after eight to ten feedings of breast milk or formula in a day.

• Curiosity about what you're eating. Your baby may begin eyeing your bowl of rice or reaching for a forkful of fettuccini as it travels from your plate to your mouth.


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